Monday, September 12, 2011

Raya, Kawan2 baik & Gembira

Kurang sorang BFFs :( Hamidah Bohri. Masa aku post tok, nya dh kat Jepun!

Near or far apart friends remain close at heart.

Meteor Garden

Side by side or miles apart best friends are forever they stay in heart.

Misses the days we used to laugh at nothing, the days we used to act crazy for no reason.

Amazing friends leads to amazing times which leads to amazing memories.

Me and my bestiest might not always be together, but were always there when it counts.

Live strong, dream big, never stop smiling :)

In years, our faces will wrinkle, eyes may droop, hair may brittle but stil we wil b there to care..to share...n will be called GRANDFRIENDS!

You will never remember the things you don't experience. So experience those things with the people you will always remember.hip hip horray!

2 tukang komen comel comel belake:

Alisya said...

suka gmbar meteor garden n aksi melompat tu...baju kurung pun jadi kan...hihi

-fa- said...

hehe.tq ;p

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